These are the Genealogy webpages of Dennis Wright, devoted to following the lines of my ancestors.

I am a New Zealander as were my parents and all four grandparents. All eight great grandparents lived and died in New Zealand, and two may have been born there too. If at least one of them were, then I would be the fourth generation to have been born in the 'Shaky Isles".

My interest in Family History arose from stories I heard over the years that my parents told of their parents, grandparents and uncles and aunts. There were stories of:

Uncle Alex Irvine had two letters from a distant cousin in Nelson, and around 1972, interest in these letters finally set me to discover "My" history. To help in my search, I became a member of the Australian Institute of Genealogical Studies and was also, at various times, a member of The New Zealand Genealogical Society and the Hampshire Family History Society.

My eight great grandparents are shown in the following diagram. We will follow each of them back in time using the menu above.

Let the journey begin!