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Setting up a Ysearch ID

To get maximum benefit from having your DNA tested, all Irish Type III members should set up a Ysearch record at www.ysearch.org if you have not already done so. This will allow you to compare your results (haplotype) with all the others in the largest database available to everyone, perhaps finding others with similar surnames that you have common heritage with. It will help others find you too. If you are a FTDNA customer, your results at 12, 25, 37 or 67 markers can be automatically entered at Ysearch from your Personal Page. When you have published your results publicly on Ysearch, I am then able to include them in the results page of the 'Irish Type III' website. I will not post your results on the website unless you have a Ysearch record as I will always respect your right to privacy. We will all, however, get the greatest gains by being prepared to share our information and hence get more and better matches to one another.

If you do set up a Ysearch ID and have tested elsewhere, or have ordered any advanced markers from FTDNA, please be aware that there are several markers that may need conversion.

Not all testing laboratories report your results in an identical manner. This is because some parts of the marker measured are regarded by some laboratories as constant and so are not counted and reported, while other laboratories count these sections.

This website uses the Ysearch nomenclature for consistency because I only show the results of people who have reported their results in a public database.

Converting from FTDNA to Ysearch,

No adjustments are now necessary before entering your FTDNA advanced markers in Ysearch.

Converting from Relative Genetics

Adjust the following before entering your Relative Genetics markers in Ysearch.

DYS452 Add 19 (+19)

DYS463 Add 2 (+2)

Y-GATA-H4 Subtract 1 (-1)

Converting from Ancestry and DNA Heritage to Ysearch

Adjust the following before entering your Ancestry and DNA Heritage markers in Ysearch, (includes the revision to Y-GATA-H4 01 Oct 2009)

DYS441 Subtract 1 (- 1)

DYS442 Subtract 5 (- 5)

Y-GATA-A10 Subtract 2 (- 2)

Y-GATA-H4 Subtract 1 (- 1)

Converting from Genebase to Ysearch

Adjust the following before entering your Genebase 3.5 markers in Ysearch.

DYS450 Subtract 1 (- 1)

DYS520 Subtract 1 (- 1)

DYS531 Subtract 1 (- 1)

DYS565 Add 1 (+ 1)

DYS572 Add 2 (+ 2)

DYS617 Subtract 2 (- 2)

DYS643 Add 1 (+ 1)

DYS716 Add 17 (+17)

DYS724a/CDYa Add 2 (+ 2)

DYS724b/CDYb Add 2 (+ 2)

DYS726 Add 4 (+ 4)

Y-GATA-H4 Subtract 1 (- 1)

These Genebase conversion factors have been arrived at as a result of parallel testing between FTDNA and Genebase.

For Irish Type III men, when you have successfully set up your Ysearch ID, please email me so I can include your results on the website's spreadsheet.