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On these pages you will find the STR results and SNP results of those members of the cluster that have put their results in the public domain, that is, they have published their results in a public database such as Ysearch.

The Ysearch database contains results from people who have tested at any of the genetic testing laboratories, so by setting up a Ysearch ID, you are then able to search for matches across a much broader range than just those shown in your FTDNA 'Matches' page.

If you decide to enter your results in Ysearch, some markers may need adjusting as shown on the Convert Markers page.

In the lower section of the panel on the left, you will see links to both STR markers and those that have tested their SNP markers. Also included is a chart of the spread of markers observed.

In November 2009, the SNP L226 was discovered creating the R-L226 Haplogroup. This is the defining SNP for the Irish Type III haplogroup.

All Irish Type III members are urged to order this L226 SNP to confirm their membership of this haplogroup.