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Failed Email Addresses

Over time people change their email addresses and Irish Type III members are no different. I have lost contact with the following men. If you are on the list below, or know someone who is, please click on the envelope below to contact me with your current email address so you can continue to receive 'Irish Eyes' and we can keep in touch.

Russell Brown Russell Leroy Brown Christopher Bryan
James Michael Bryant Howard Young Butler
Pinkney Randy Butler William Irvine Butler Jerry Allen Callahan
Jerry Jodan Carey Patrick J Carey Johnny Casey
David Barrett Collier Dennis Martin Cowan Gene Crow
Jan Crow Kenneth Harley Crow Christopher James Crowe
Bernie D'Arcy Daniel John Doherty Donald Eldridge Downey
Jeffrey Michael Drake Kevin Gerard Fitzgerald Michael Fitzgerald
James Forbes Robert Andrews Gibson
John Joseph Hogan Ralph Denzell Hogan Wendell Ray Hogan
Burley Ray Johnson Joseph Arthur Kelly
Noel Patrick Kelly Shaun Michael Kelly Michael John Kirby
Jeffrey Logan Audley Elroy Lowe Oscar Noble Maloney
Daniel James O'Brien Edward Patrick O'Brien
Gregory Hugh O'Brien John Marion O'Brien Joseph Jude O'Brien
Kevin James O'Brien Michael Richard O'Brien Thomas Leo O'Brien
Elvin Perry O'Bryan Jr. Brendan Anthony O'Donoghue Brian O'Neill
Bobbie Rennie Robert Duane Renslow Jr Morris D. Shannon Jr
Howard P. Smith Pat Cannon Vido Joseph Leonard Wallace
Michael Joseph Whalen Lucian Neville Usher-Wilson

Unaware Family Tree DNA Members

There are many men who test with FTDNA and show as close matches with the Irish Type III cluster, being a match or a Genetic Distance of only 1 or 2 at 25 markers. These men show as close matches on the FTDNA pages, but have not responded to my emails inviting them to participate in the Irish Type III cluster.

If you have stumbled on this website and YOUR NAME appears below, or you know one of these men, please click on the envelope below to contact me so I can help you with your knowledge of your y-DNA cluster.

James Alan Barden Jonathan C Bradshaw
Chris Bryan John Milton Bryan
Larry Atkins Bryan Philip Clay Bryan Alan Bryant
Dan Bryant Duane Bryant Robert Lee Bryant Jr.
George William Burton Jim Butler Jess Caine Jr.
Daniel Francis Callahan Dennis Callahan Frank Paul Callahan
Jerry Allen Callahan James Michael Carey Ralph Lee Carey
Johnny Casey Ralph Anspach Conner Daniel Edward Corey
Richard D. Crawford Gene Crow Granville Leonard Crow
Hoyt Crow Kenneth Harley Crow Robert Crow
William A Crow Christopher James Crowe James Joseph Crowe
Ted C. Crowe David Curry
Marshall V Dickson Christopher James Donnelly Malcolm James Doolin
Donald Eldridge Downey Jeffrey Michael Drake Michael Fahey
David Carroll Finn Robert V Fitzgerald James D Flanagan
John Paul Flanagan Terry Flaningam William Elmer Gannon
Robert Andrews Gibson Gina Grant Thomas Joseph Griffin
Dallas Gray Hayes David Michael Hogan Timothy Lloyd Hogan
Wendell Ray Hogan William Edward Howden
Ronnie Gene Hubbard John H James
Martin Vincent Keane Alan Kelly James Earl Kelly
Michael J Kelly Frank B. Kennedy Grahame Kennedy
Kevin Patrick Kennedy Stephen Kennedy James Edward King
Michael John Kirby Charles Francis Lloyd Finnbar Lyons
John Thomas Madigan Stephen Edward Maikell David Roy Malcolm
R Malley Robert Malone
Frank Ebaugh Mason Paul Mitsuru Masuyama James Joseph McDonald
Kenton Herford McGraw Robert Mcguire Jim McHone
William Roy McHone Daniel James McKinzey Charles McReynolds
Ethan Taylor Medola David Murphy Peter Douglas Murphy
Robert Alan Murray Ralph Ellsworth Nelson James Joseph O'Brien
Kevin Patterson O'Mara John James O'Neill Zackary Orr
Thomas Keith Pearce George William Pearson III Michael Brian Power
Richard Kenneth Randles Paul Rells Robert Duane Renslow Jr.
Richard L Rines Jr. Joseph Wayne Salmons Lawrence S Savage
Raymond Michael Savage Morris D Shannon Jr. James Edward Slater
Giles Bernard Slattery Christopher Smith Howard P Smith
Robert A. Smith Ralph Durwood Thomas James Joseph Trench
Janice Gilbert Vincent Edwin Wilson

Tested at Ancestry who are Irish Type III

Men are testing at Ancestry in increasing numbers and regular visits to that site reveals more and more men that have the STR markers of the Irish Type III haplogroup.

While Ancestry offer a messaging service to contact others, less than 50% respond to my efforts to make contact and inform of their Irish status.

Listed below are Ancestry members that I have been unable to contact so if you find YOUR NAME below, or you know one of these men, please click on the envelope below to contact me so I can help you with your knowledge of your y-DNA cluster.

Anonymous 145924 Anonymous 152791 Anonymous 336659
Anonymous 398722 Anonymous 527834 Anonymous 554932
Anonymous 811511 Anonymous 943896 Anonymous 1004216
Ian David Boland Robert Harold Bryan Glen Edward Bryant III
John Alan Burke Michael Patrick Cahill William Douglas Cain
John Joseph Carroll Bob Casey Dan Charles Casey
Gerald Bassett Clifford Steven Arthur Collins James Gibbons Corbett
Robin Christopher Croke Larry Wayne Crow Ernest E. Daniels
Guy B. Davis Roy Eugene Denton Michael Hyde Diehl
Laurence Owen Dingman Donall John Dowling Daniel John Downes
Robert James Farrell Shawn Mark Fitzgerald Patrick Leo Flynn
Michael D. Freeman Oscar Edward Gilbert Jr. Michael Kuhn Gray
Andrew Tarleton Griffin Jeffrey James Haacke Francis Joseph Hanrahan
John Joseph Hannagan Sr. Joe Robert Hart Chris Hennessey
James Hennessy James William Hennigan III Scott Allen Hill
Stacy Hogan Michael Leo Holland Robert Fredrick Houston
Edward Hubbard Jr Harold Lloyd Hudson Craig Thomas Huntley
Thomas Raymond Hynes Larry Orville James John Kendall Johnson Jr
Thaddeus Leon Jones Sean Price Kane Patrick Joseph Kelly
Wayne Charles Kennedy Wayne John Kennedy Henry Maurice Kersey
John Mark Kirby Stephen Arrowood Kirven Lawrence James Lanagan
Donald Lee Leatherwood Troy Wayne Lindsey Stuart Alan MacIntire
Brian J Maley Charles Allen Maloney James Jerome Mannix
Thomas William McCormick Richard Gilmary McDonough
John Joseph McGlue Herbert Bookman McGuire William Joseph McGuire
James Edward McGuire Alan E McIntire Donald W McIntire
Maxie Leon McIntire James Brien McMahon Thomas Edward McMahon
Willis Junior Morrison
Brian Richard Noonan James Fitzgerald O'Brien Jearl Leon O'Brien
Michael Richard Pearson
John Daniel Pyne Shayne Ray Saucier Robert Richard Sizelove
Daniel Paul Stephens Jeff Lee Vaughn James Larry White
Truman Kendall Wills