Our Baldock heritage in New Zealand leads us to the Albertlanders, a non-conformist settlement on the Kaipara Harbour north of Auckland in the 1860s.

Four members of the Baldock family arrived on the Matilda Wattenbach on 8th September 1862. They consisted of Elizabeth, George, Edward and Harriet Baldock. Their trials and tribulations in hacking an existance out of the bush to be part of the Albertland settlement is told in the book, The Albertlanders - Brave Pioneers of the Sixties Sir Henry Brett & Henry Hook, 1927, The Brett Publishing Company.

The Baldocks had come from Faversham, Kent, England, to New Zealand with the promise of a better life as their father, Thomas had died in 1849 of emphysema as a result of an accident.

The Baldock line can be traced back to Nicholas and Faith Baldock (nee Steede) who had a son, Anthony Baldock in 1605 in Charing, Kent, England.