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Irish Eyes - Vol 14

Welcome to this addition of Irish Eyes, 03 November 2009, I hope you enjoy reading it.
This email Irish Eyes has been sent to you as you are a member of the R1b DNA cluster called "Irish Type III".
If you do not wish to receive any further bulletins, please and I will remove you from the distribution list.
Our website at www.irishtype3dna.org/ continues to attract visitors, have another look if you haven't visited for a while as I am sure you will find something more of interest to you.

475 Members

I am pleased to be able to report that we now have 475 members in the cluster, and climbing steadily. Certainly we seem to be on a roll with more and more people taking the plunge into DNA to assist in their Genealogy research.
Welcome to the new members, many of whom tested at Ancestry.com, that are receiving this flyer for the first time. (As I have warned before it may not be too regular!)

Redesigned Website

It had been suggested by some that our website, produced using Microsoft FrontPage had webpages that used considerably more code than was necessary to operate efficiently. After a short time of running through a few tutorials, I have managed to redesign the website using HTML, CSS and PHP which now has 110 files occupying 6.5Mb compared with the old site of 702 files needing 11.5Mb. Web pages should load quicker and the site is easier to manage.
Please email me if you find any links broken or something does'nt work as you think it should.

Walk in the Y - L21

The L21 SNP is positive for our cluster and is found in most R1b of Ireland and is also common in England and on the continent.

In an effort to split this large cluster, Thomas Krahn of FTDNA, (and previously of the German company DNA Fingerprint), has suggested a novel way of finding more SNPs. His paper to the FTDNA Conference this year outlines the method he had in mind. http://www.dna-fingerprint.com/static/FTDNA-Conference-2009-WalkThroughY.pdf

Lengthy sections of the Y chromosome totalling some 100,000 bases are examined and samples from distinct clusters in each haplogroup are compared in an effort to find SNPs distinctive for each cluster.
The cost to test is $750 per sample and the idea would be that say 10 people from each cluster would put in to have one of their number tested. It is a research project with no firm certainty of success, but this is how we progress.

To date, 150 people from different haplogroups have submitted samples to be evaluated in this project as follows:-


Within the Haplogroup R there are 14 R-L21

In May, 10 people from our cluster paid $75 each to have our nominee, Kevin O'Brien tested in this manner and compared against the other R-L21 men.

On 1 November 2009 we were informed that a new SNP has been found in Kevin's sample! It has been called L226 and the base at position 17558118 on the Y chromosome has changed from ancestral "C" to "T". It has not been seen in any another L21 sample yet so may be the elusive SNP to define our Irish Type III cluster or it could be a private SNP just found in Kevin O'Brien's recent paternal ancestors.

As soon as the SNP is available to order, we will need several others from our cluster to test this SNP, L226. Cost is normally $29 and I will advise on the website when it is available. As many as possible should test for L226 so if you would like to help in this research, please consider testing this SNP.

A new webpage, www.irishtype3dna.org/WalkTheY.php summarises this project and I will post future updates there.

Ysearch IDs

If you haven't already done so, please set up a Ysearch ID at www.ysearch.org

Setting up a Ysearch ID allows others to quickly check for matches in the largest database available to everyone. As you have then published your results publicly, I am able to include them in the results page of the 'Irish Type III' website. I will not post them on the website unless you have a Ysearch record as I will always respect your right to privacy.

We all will, however, get the greatest gains by being prepared to share our information and hence get more and better matches to one another. Those with 67 markers have the added benefit of being included in the Phylogram for our cluster which allows those members to see their nearest genetic relations.

If you do elect to set up a Ysearch ID, be aware that some markers, depending on where you have tested, need conversion as Ysearch reports them differently.
Check on our Conversion Page, www.irishtype3dna.org/ConvertMarkers.php

For FTDNA testees, you can transfer your results automatically and the conversions are done for you. Here is FTDNA FAQ on transfer:-

You can upload your Y-DNA results to Ysearch using a link provided in the Y-DNA Matches section of your personal page.
This link is located just above your list of matches and says "Click here to upload to Ysearch.org."
Using this link will automatically fill in your Y-DNA results in the "Create a New User page on Ysearch."
Fill in the remaining information that you know and click "Save Information to create your Ysearch account."

Then with your Ysearch ID and I will include your results on the Results page.

This email, Irish Eyes, has been sent to you as you are a member of the R1b DNA cluster called "Irish Type III".
If you do not wish to receive any further bulletins, please and I will remove you from the distribution list.

Slainte, Dennis Wright